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by azcodemonkey
Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:39 am
Forum: Mac
Topic: MAC OS 10.6.8 crash with TwonkyMediaServer 6.0.34 installed
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Re: MAC OS 10.6.8 crash with TwonkyMediaServer 6.0.34 instal

I'm having a similar issue. I rolled back to .32 Interval Since Last Panic Report: 2798 sec Panics Since Last Report: 2 Anonymous UUID: 6E489E46-094E-495D-9C8B-DA0F22F72A09 Sat Sep 3 23:32:31 2011 panic(cpu 3 caller 0x226ec0): "thread_invoke: preemption_level -1, possible cause: unlocking an unlocke...
by azcodemonkey
Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:45 am
Forum: TwonkyServer
Topic: New Feature Requests
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Re: New Feature Requests

Just a small thing that has little to do with core functionality. Please use a rolling log file that rolls by day. I just deleted an 82GB log file. You might want to consider rolling by size, if not by date, or keeping a limited set of logs (say 7 days or so), or make it configurable. ;)