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by JFdB
Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:34 pm
Forum: Netgear
Topic: Memory Leak?
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I run 4.01 on an NSLU2. Memory usage after startup was about 2 or 3 MB. After 3 days, the memory usage is 15 MB (the maximum amount) and the info page informs me that not all content can be served due to reaching the maximum amount of memory in use. So I see a similar problem on a different platform...
by JFdB
Mon Aug 07, 2006 3:30 pm
Forum: TwonkyServer
Topic: >>>>> Type of Server / Client <<<<
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Server: NAS - Linux (NSLU2 and unslung 6.8, unslung to hard disk) 1- What do you use TwonkyVision for: streaming Music and/or Pictures and/or Videos and/or Internet Radios? Streaming music and internet radio 2- What Server(s) are you using? NSLU2, unslung 6.8 and twonky media server 3.1 (waiting for...