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Problems with Cromecast & TwonkyServer 7.2.8

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:00 am
by walteroa
Hi all,
I'm running the latest twonky server 7.2.8 and I found a problem when displaying photos on TV using Chromecast clients... (of course, chromecast stick has to be plugged in).

When the client gets the photos from NAS running twonky, they are displayed in VERY LOW RESOLUTION..
When I do the same with HD or FHD videos, everything is Ok.. so there is NO networking issue...

my configs:

DNS320, runninig twonky server 7.2.8
Chromecast stick on "dumb" TV
Chromecast client tested: Allcast for Android & LocalCast for Android.. Both, with the same issue..

Any Thoughts?