DNS-323 thumbnails generation

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AV Hardware: NAS: D-Link DNS-323-A1 (Alt-F 1.0 + Twonky 8)
Clients: LG Smart TVs (WebOS and Netcast models), PS-3, mobile VLC player on Android/IOS devices

DNS-323 thumbnails generation

Post by Barrell529 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:21 pm

Good day everyone!

I've recently switched to Twonky-8.5.1 on my NAS D-Link DNS-323-A1. (Alt-F 1.0 firmware)
The clients for server are LG smart TV's (one with WebOS and the other with Netcast), PS-3 and sometimes mobile devices with VLC player.

Mainly Twonky works fine except for thumbnails generation (and yes, i've read the manual and ffmpeg is installed, correct link set *.location file)
Server uses the purchased key (not in trial mode)

1. Photo thumbnails - it just does not generate it. I see only default icons for photos and it's names. But still i can open them correctly. The "convert" process in the system appears only when i try to magnify the opened photos. So maybe i missed some additional steps during server configuration? Is there a way to generate thumbnails for the photos? Maybe even manually? I have about 20.000 photos so having thumbnails is somewhat critical. Any suggestions appreciated.

2. Video thumbnails - yes, it somewhat works, i see the "ffmpeg" process running, it generates about 5-10 video thumbnails then the "ffmpeg" process disappears and Twonky becomes unreachable (both web-interface and for client connections). At this time system shows a lot of "twonkyserver" processes (more than 10) but most of them in a "zombie" state and there is no way to stop Twonky correctly. All i have to do is to "killall -9 twonkyserver" and restart it. So the only way to make Twonky work correctly without "hanging" like described is to delete a link to "ffmpeg" in *.location file. Maybe this occurs because of the weak and outdated hardware? (for example not enough RAM etc..) Or it can be solved somehow? Can someone tell me how to generate video thumbnails manually, so i don't force Twonky to do it? Maybe i can run the exact same command manually for each video?

Any ideas appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

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