dns-323 and ps3 mega troubel

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dns-323 and ps3 mega troubel

Post by satlars » Wed Jan 02, 2008 4:21 pm

hi all

i have a dns 323 running firmware 1.03 and a twonky media server running on that

i was running 4.3 without any problems so came ps3 update 2.10 now divx
great but i was not working with the twonky so i opgradet the twonky
to the new 4,4,3,1 and so the shit hit the fan

now i can play divx thats is good
but ever 60 sekunds me ps3 disconect to the media server and reconnect again i'am running on wired connection

i have downloadet and installet then new version and tried running that from my pc no problem so it is only betwen ps3 and dns-323 ther is a problem

anybody have an ide ?? or a good solusion to the problem

sorry for my bad english spelling but i'am living in a non english contry :-)

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