What is Best Video Format for: DSM-520+TwonkyMedia+DNS-323

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What is Best Video Format for: DSM-520+TwonkyMedia+DNS-323

Post by amunoz_tico » Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:20 pm

Hi everyone! :D

I wanted to know if anyone could suggest me the best Video format for the following combination: DSM-520 + TwonkyMedia + DNS-323.

I already have TwonkyMedia running on DNS-323 and my current media player is PlayStation 3. PS3 works fine with MP4 (720p) and MP4 (480p), but the PS3 is located on my family room. So, I expect to buy two (new) DSM-520 for my other bedrooms.

However, I don't know that is the best way to convert my DVD collection. Any help with the following questions:

- Convert the DVDs to MP4? Or to other format?

- Will DSM-520 work fine with MP4 (720p and 480p)?

- What audio codec do I have to use? AC3? ACC? MP3?

- Could DSM-520 support MP4 (720p and 480p)?

- Does TwonnkyMedia support .IFO and .VOB?

- Could DSM-520 support DivX?

I'd appreciate your help with those questions !!!

Regards!!! :D :D

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