Twonky w/DSM 520 won't show "Folders"

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Don Ford
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Twonky w/DSM 520 won't show "Folders"

Post by Don Ford » Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:23 pm

I am running Twonky Media, with latest firm-ware, as my server with a D Link DSM 520. I have my video content on two different drives and in several Directories and Sub-Directories. In the
Sharing Configuration I have selected all the correct Content Locations. When In start the DSM 520 and select Twonky Media as the server, then select Videos the Menu shows “All” and “Folder” are displayed. Select “ALL” and all the content on both drives and all Dir. And Sub-Dir are shown.
But my problem is when I select “Folder” none of the separate “Folders” (Dir and/or Sub Dir) are shown.
I am a newbie, any help greatly appreciated.


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