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Are DSM-520 and DSM-510 supported by Twonkymedia & DivX?

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:54 am
by amunoz_tico
I have a DNS-323 by D-Link and I installed Twonkymedia UPnP Server v4.4.11 following the instruction on DNS-323's Wiki (

I already can watch all the DivX Movies with my PlayStation 3 (firmware 3.0). Now, I'm looking for a solution in order to watch my DivX Collection from the living room and from the bedrooms The solution that I would like to take is from D-Link (DSM-520 or DSM510, any advise). But my concern is about DivX support.

- Are D-Link DSM-520 and DSM-510 supported by TwonkyMedia Server?
- Does DSM-520 support DivX files with subtitles?
- Any advise for other media players?