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[How to] Install Twonky 6.0.34 on a D-Link DNS323

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:13 pm
by Briain
Installing Twonky 6.0.31 on a D-Link DNS-323: Detailed installation instructions and downloadable replacement file

Hi Folks

I've just successfully updated a DNS-323 (Hardware Version B / D-Link FW 1.08) to Twonky 6.0.31

In case it helps anyone who is maybe a bit unsure of the exact procedure, I've written very comprehensive instructions (with several screen shots) and links to download a custom file which checks for (and if not present, automatically creates) the new directories for the database and cache, as well as moving the log file, then also creates the required symlinks.

To see these instructions for installing Twonky 6.0.31 on a D-Link DNS 323 and obtain the files, click here. There are also links to my custom tree packs and an optional alternative clients.db file (which defaults to the full resolution art setting for control points that don't set Twonky automatically; Kinsky Desktop and Konduktor being two examples of CP's that don't advertise themselves in the user agent field).


Update 26th Feb 2011: These instructions have now been updated and a revised installation script included (same link as above).

Re: [How to] Install Twonky 6.0 on a D-Link DNS323

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:09 am
by motochick
Thank you so much for this post I have been patiently waiting for a stable install of Twonky 6 on a DNS-323. I'm currently running Twonky 4 on my DNS-323 for a couple of years with no issues. I just have to manually rescan directories now .

Before I take the plunge and do the upgrade, what do I get with this new version besides minor enhancements?

Thanks again,

Re: [How to] Install Twonky 6.0 on a D-Link DNS323

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:56 pm
by Briain

I have recently updated the instructions on the Linn forum (same link as in my first post) and Linn have kindly hosted some custom installation files on their Server. Someone with no Linux experience has just bought a D-Link and installed it (using my files) without any problems.

Twonky 4 advantages:

User customizable music trees
Doesn't refresh media library at boot time (this can take a while for larger collections

Twonky 4 disadvantages:

No recognition of composer tags in FLAC files

Not great at displaying art (there are also a few bugs that mean it can't deal with art when there are ampersands and apostrophes in the path names).

Twonky 6 advantages (I'm only listing the very few 'key' ones based on my requirements of Twonky as a media server for FLAC files and my Linn DS system; there are many others related to video applications and DLNA TV device recognition etc):

Although the music trees are not configurable in a user accessible menu, the option to design far more powerful trees exists and I've made up 4 different options to cover most folks requirements; albumartist for large collections, albumartist for small collections, artist for large collections and artist for small collections. The albumartist trees are for folks who use that tag and the artist ones are for everyone else.

Very robust at retrieving album art from FLAC files

Composer tag now recognised

Rescan for new album takes a few 10's of seconds

Twonky 6 disadvantages:

Refresh of database at boot time will not suit folks who turn their NAS off when not in use. This refresh time depends on the amount of media; for small collections it will be pretty quick, but for my test collection of 31,000 FLAC files it took 47 minutes on a DNS-323.

In general:

There are now settings in Twonky 6 that set it to send full resolution art to your control point (in the media receivers section, you select 'Linn DS Control Point' or 'Asset Control DS Control point' against the MAC/IP address of the machine you are using to run the control point software). Chorus DS and Songbook DS (both control points for iPad/iPod/iPhone) are now detected by Twonky 6 and set Twonky to send them full resolution art automatically.

Best thing would be to use the 30 day trial of Twonky 6.0.31 and see how you get on with it, then plese let us all know how you get on! :)


PS Remember to take a note your existing Twonky 4 license key before updating to Twonky 6; the existing one will be deleted as part of the update process