Twonky Media Server streaming to Blackberry Playbook

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Twonky Media Server streaming to Blackberry Playbook

Post by bt10 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:44 pm

Has anyone had any luck using a Blackberry Playbook to watch video's from a Twonky Media Server via it's web browser?

I have Twonky Media Server installed on a DNS-323 and I can watch videos on my pc and blackberry bold 9900 but the videos do not seem to play (or even try to play) using the Blackberry Playbook's browser. I have tried with OS and OS 2.0 beta. It appears that something in the browser is preventing it from playing since when I press the browser's back button I can see the video clip momentarily until it navigates back to Twonky's file list.

Music and photos work no problem on the playbook but the problem seems to be with videos only. With OS it kept complaining that it may not be able to play the video due to the slow network but the PC and Bold 9900 didn't have any issues. If you continue to wait it doesn't seem to cache it or even try to play it. All three devices should be connecting to my wifeless router using 802.11n so speed should not be an issue.

If anyone has any experience getting it to work on a playbook their feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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