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Medion IPTV box, can't connect

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:00 pm
by mp0011

I have a Twonky 7.0.9 Special server running, but I can't connect with my Medion ITPX box device.

Medion does not find the server.

I have noticed, that when I scan for servers on my device, the "SHARING/MEDIA DEVICES" list on PC (with one device listed - "local PC") just disapear. I need to refresh this page, the list (with still just "local PC" listed) comes back.

After I push reset list button, the "local PC" is gone, no devices are listed, and I can't connect with MEDION.

I also found (accidentaly), that after clearing checkbox near "local PC" on the list, I can connect with MEDION,
however it does not show on this list, and connection is lost after some time.