Direct shared folder start on a TEAC AR-100

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Direct shared folder start on a TEAC AR-100

Post by Karsi » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:06 pm

Dear experts,

I'm now using Twonky for years on an old QNAP but upgraded now to a WD Live Duo and installed 7.09 Twonky for different reasons.

I defined the shared directory (here Music), made the choice for the device to: By folder.

I fixed the sorting problem of the songs (astonishing that this has to be fixed - but thanks to some great explanations from phibertron it worked out very well editing the right xmls!).

But I'm still unhappy with the way to enter the library:
1) selecting twonky as a server
2) selecting Music out of Music, Photos, Videos => doesn't make sense, because the client can only stream music
3) selecting by folder out of All titles and by folder => I also would like to have here the direct view on my own folder structure and leace all titles out

For fixing 2) I tried to force to put the AR-100 on Generic Music Only Receiver which is always 'taken back' by Twonky on 'Generic Media Receicer'.

What I would like to have for the AR-100:

1) selecting twonky
2) direct overview on my own folder structure
That's it.

For other receiver I would also like to see the 3) skipped (e.g. the PS3 or a Dune etc.).

I'm willing to 'google' again and again, but it would be great if someone can please let me know whether this is possible 'in principle'.
And yes, for sure I would highly appreciate an idea for a solution :D .

best regards,

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