Beng and Olufsen Encore

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Beng and Olufsen Encore

Post by TomS64 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:47 pm

Originally I posted this in the "server" but it seems to be just spam...

I have a MacServer running Twonky Server (and itunes for Apple devices) I trying to get the cover art shows nicely on the encore display - currently showing like something 200x200...
Twinky software is 7.3
The audio files is m4a they also being used by itunes.
I have in a couple of test albums added cover picture in 512x512 (Folder.jpg) also I have tried to add 512x512 pictures into the single audio files.
I searched this forum and added a couple of things to the bang_and_olufsen.xml file
<DisplayName>Bang & Olufsen</DisplayName>
<HttpText>B&O DLNAClient1 DLNADOC/1.50</HttpText>
<!-- Next and set next confuse the device -->
<!-- Events are unreliable, so poll state -->

Even if I flush, clear, restart and reconnect server og encore the cover art is still not "good looking".

Any ideas?

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Beng and Olufsen Encore

Post by pearlofSofe » Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:34 pm

you will like that encore 22-250
I bet it will shoot the staples out of the corners of a paper taget at 100 yrds with good ammo.
Mine does and so do many others Ive seen.

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