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QNAP TS 651 Panasonic DMR BWT 700

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:38 am
by tftftf
I am new in this kind of techno and i have a problem that I can't solve.
I've bought a QNAP TS651 and connect to my network, Installed TWONKY 7.2.8 and on the same network I've a blue ray recorder Panasonic DMR BWT 700.
The blue ray see the DLNA server and i can access to folder, files. but while I try to read one it tells me that it can't play the file. I've try several kind of files (kmv, avi, ....).
The profile in the Twonky server is Panasonic Giga Viera Recorder.
Someone could help me or told me if a log exists to see which failure is occuring.
Thanks in advance.