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Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:30 pm
by HigH_HawK
Hi guys,

I'm looking for the current working version of Twonky server for WD My Book Live. I tried the newest (8.0.3). Everything seems to be working, despite the sorting on a Samsung Smart TV (F series) and the WD is constantly spinning up despite nobody even accessing it.

I'd be happy with any help I could get.

Re: Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:07 pm
by HigH_HawK
It seems that nobody is around anymore, which is quite a shame :(

Please could somebody please tell me, what the current version of Twonky server for a WD My Book Live is? I have got 8.0.3 but that does not seem to be any good with the WD My Book Live as it keeps waking up the book whenever it wants to, consuming more power then necessary.

I had a lower version on it, prior to the book deciding to make an update itself, but cannot remember which one it was. Since the book did an update on its own, everything twonky related was gone and I could not get it back the way it was before.

I am thankful for any help I could get!

Re: Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:34 pm
by bcormel
Oct 29 2015; I dont know if you ever resolved this. However, i upgraded my (2) 3tB My Book Live's upgraded to 7.2.8 with absolutely no issues. They run awesome.
I also have (4) 4tB My Cloud's upgraded running 7.2.9 with no issues.
I turn all my auto-updates off to avoid this exact problem.

Re: Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:05 pm
by HigH_HawK
Hi bcormel,

no I gave up hope on this subject but am very happy now, that somebody did find the courage and the time to answer me :) Cheers for that.

I just downloaded 7.2.28 and will try my best to upgrade y Live Book (2TB) to this version. Will also look for the update thingy and turn that off as I was really pissed off, that some day my Twonky was gone due to WD updating my Live Book.

Cheers again for your message!

Re: Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:25 am
by HigH_HawK
Alright, I have successfully installed 7.2.8 on my MBL (did a hard reset by installing a new Firmware files, to make sure that everything is gone and to start from scratch).

It took me quite a while (about 6hrs) to put all my movies back on the MBL but it seems to working now. Yesterday it did wake up quite a few times without me accessing it but who knows. The log files doesn't give me any errors so far.

I did also install tw-video-scraper ( to retrieve my cover art but I have to play around a little with that one as it doesn't seem to work properly yet :) I did however notice that Samsung Smart TVs are not any good when it comes to display folder images as Samsung just ignores them and adds its own folder.jpg

Re: Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:39 am
by bcormel
Good you got it running.
If you haven't found it, the "update thingy" is in the WD menu, not the Twonky menu (system - updates - uncheck auto update)
I run my NAS' all with power saving turned off. So I have no real experience with them "waking up", they never spin down.
Why? Not all dlna devices like the spin up wait and time out. That, and I don't like to wait.

Re: Current Twonky version for WD My Book Live

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:51 pm
by HigH_HawK
I found that option and had it turned off already but my MBL seemed to have ignored this. I'll keep an eye on this, just to make sure it doesn't mess up my MBL again.

I do however encounter one problem which I did have with the previous versions of Twonky but could never get it to work. My Samsung TV is recognised by Twonky as Samsung Smart TV, which is good but the sorting of my music is always in alphabetical order instead of track number wise.

Twonky: 7.2.8

I did check the forums and found many steps to fix this but it doesn't seem to work either way :(

What I did so far:

I amended the following file:

Code: Select all

to the following

Code: Select all

<container name='byfolder' id='music/folders' class='object.container.storageFolder' createClass='object.item.audioItem.musicTrack'>
	   <container buildon='res' albumart='1' sortcriteria='+pv:numberOfThisDisc,+upnp:originalTrackNumber' createClass='object.item.audioItem.musicTrack' class='object.container.storageFolder' />
I also amended the following file:

Code: Select all

to look like:

Code: Select all

		<DisplayName>Samsung Smart TV</DisplayName>
		<DeviceDescriptionRecognition BoolOp="OR">
            <!-- C to E series until 2012 -->
			<DescriptionText>Samsung TV DMR</DescriptionText>
            <!-- F series from 2013 -->
            <DescriptionText>Samsung RVU TV</DescriptionText>
		<!-- <Quirk>REDUCED_METADATA</Quirk> -->
As Twonky does not provide a "rebuild" button, I did enter it manually in the URL bar http://twonkyserver:9000/rpc/rebuild (did however notice that Twonky is not responding quick enough, so my browser gives me the 404 error "page not found" until I refresh it)

So far no luck, it does not sort by track number but again alphabetically. I did however test it on my laptop and access twonky via browser and noticed that the sorting is correct, so it must be something with the samsung xml or twonky not working with it properly.

//EDIT: I did another test. I changed my Laptop under media receivers from Windows 7/8 to Samsung Smart TV and noticed that the sorting is alphabetically, so my TV can't be the problem.