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NAS540 - Link aggregation causing probems with twonky...

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:15 am
by jagdtigger

So to make a long story short lately almost all media players on my network sporadically couldn't find the media server on the NAS540(twonky server version 7.2.11, NAS FW up-to date), sometimes they were able to find it and sometimes not. I thought something went wrong in the firewall and/or in the switch config so i reconfigured them from scratch but the problem remained. The next step was to test with a pair of new cables(CAT5E, like all of my networking cable) but it didnt had an effect. As a lest ditch effort i plugged in only one cable and it started to work normally... This is weird since i used it like this for months without problems. Have someone any idea what can i do to make twonky work over LAG?

Thanks in advance for the help :) .