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Mime Help

Post by zzzthump » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:01 pm

Hi Is there any support here anymore? Doesnt appear to be a lot of replies?

I need some assistance around the MimeTypes please. This is happening during pushing from the Twonky interface to the renderer.
It works ok if the device pulls from the Twonky Server however

I have a device that accepts DSD dsf files if the configuration is like this:
This comes from another upnp player.

However Twonky is trying to send it as a mime type of http-get:*:audio/dsd:.....etc. This results in a server error on the renderer.

I have altered the settings in the xml file i have specified for the device renderer, however also unsure if this is being identified at the time.
How can one identify what device db is being used from the logs? Even in full debug mode its not obvious?

This is in the device.xml file




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