WoW Classic: Even 6 months after launch, bots remain a huge problem

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WoW Classic: Even 6 months after launch, bots remain a huge problem

Post by rodeoneerer » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:19 am

World of Warcraft Classic Gold World of Warcraft Classic has been released for over half a year now and the servers are still well filled - apart from an RP realm. But although a lot has already happened in the game and a lot of "new" content has been published the criticisms of the players remain the same. Bots in particular are still a big problem in Classic and get the players crazy every few days.

What is the problem? Bots are on the move on almost all realms. They are not only re-instancing instances but have also dedicated themselves to several locations in the open game world. There they then take away the opponents from the "right" players and have covered entire areas so strongly that normal game flow can hardly be imagined.

The players keep frustrating about it in the official forum and in the subreddit of WoW Classic. The latest contribution has made it back to the top of the subreddit.

What are the bots farming on? The bots have specialized in numerous resources and special items that they automatically mine or collect.

A popular farm spot is Desolace by the sea in the southwest. There are crab traps here that have little chance of containing a special fishing rod. This can be sold for 15-25 gold (depending on the realm).
Elsewhere black lotus is farmed automatically - an important resource for raiders because it is needed for vials the best potions in the game.
Winterquell also farms a lot of bots cheap WOW Classic Gold eu especially cooking resources and materials for various quests.

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