Directv HR20 HD-DVR

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Directv HR20 HD-DVR

Post by tensuns » Wed Jul 18, 2007 2:37 am

Background on this device: This is Directv's flagship DVR. Currently it only supports music and photo sharing, but video has been promised for the near future. It's software is under active development with pre-release versions of firmware being released weekly for testing and feedback from the community at This device should become increasing popular with VOD over the internet being added in the next few weeks and the addition of dozens of mpeg-4 HD channels beginning in September.

The Issue: The HR20 sees the Twonky Media Server just fine and the various functions work quite well on most setups. However, Directv issued an update a few weeks ago revamping the media sharing gui. Since then, when first connecting to the Twonky server to retrieve the top level index of media there is a delay of 3 to 40+ seconds before the first index is displayed. During the delay Twonky's cpu usage goes to max. It appears that the length of the delay is dependent upon processor speed and possibly the size of the library on the computer on which Twonky is running. Prior to these latest updates to the HR20 there was no delay. Additionally, Twonky logs the following error:
[ERROR]HTTP:Cannot receive header
HTTP:received no header in HTTP_send_receive, propably client closed socket!
I am using the registered 4.4 version of Twonky on Ubuntu 7.04, but these delays have been confirmed by many others on both Windows and Linux installs.

Logs/Packets: I used Wireshark to capture the packets between the media server and client during this delay. A zip file containing an excerpt from my Twonky log (using v=27) and the captured packets in Wireshark format and also exported to a text file is at the bottom of this post. I tried to only capture during the delay when first connecting to the media server.

One more thing - because the firmware for this device is under active development I am confident that myself and the community at dbstalk can get a message to Directv if this turns out to be a bug on their end. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist in resolving this issue.

And kudos on TwonkyMedia! It's a great program and I love the power and flexibility of the custom trees. For those of us not using windows it's also the only option for lpcm transcoding. ...

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AV Hardware: DirecTV HR20

Post by boilerjt » Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:39 am

I am also using TwonkyMedia for Linux (version 4.4) and I am experiencing the same type of delays. I currently have a music library of over 13,000 songs and it takes 55 seconds after I select the twonky server from the HR20 before I can see the music tree. If I cut the library size back to 6000, it takes only 25 seconds, so I believe the larger the music library, the longer the delay. On dbstalk, people using the Windows and Mac versions are also having the delays.

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