XBOX 360 doesn't show h264 encoded video

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XBOX 360 doesn't show h264 encoded video

Post by siezear » Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:59 pm


I need help - I have set everything up using my Linkstation Live (with the Linkstation PRO Twonky v4.4 installed), and am connecting to my XBOX 360.

Everything works fine - music, photos and video - except video encoded with h264. IF I take the same video and put it on a USB and put that in the 360 it plays fine. If I access the twonky server through the webpage (using a laptop) the video appears correctly and plays, but from the 360 it just doesn't appear in the list.

Playing around it appears as though there must be profiles for each kind of device. If you go to the Clients/Security link under basic setup I can see my XBOX 360 IP address with a type of XBOX 360. If I change the type to anything else the 360 sees no video or music or anything. If however the 360 is already in the folder tree, and I change the type to say Generic Media Server, then navigate to the correct folder on the 360 - then the h264 video appears!

What I would like to know is where that XBOX 360 profile is and can I alter it so that it does not filter out h264 content?

Alternatively can TWONKY release an updated XBOX 360 profile that allows the h264 ?

Help much appreciated.

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