Xbox 360 now support divxvid video

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Xbox 360 now support divxvid video

Post by Gilbert » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:57 am

Finally we can use this xbox as a media client..

details about video support are here

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Post by johnnyt » Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:40 pm

My xbox 360 just downloaded the fall update and so I tried it out. Yup, my xvids served up wirelessly from my NSLU2/Twonky works great! Even better than my DSM-320RD (I can actually fast forward/rewind).

There is a problem with my music, though. When I browse by Album or Genre, I get lots of duplicates. Not sure how to fix that.

Also, the 240x240 JPG album art embedded in all my MP3s do not display on the 360. I have the same MP3 collection on my Zune and when I plug my Zune into the 360, it works.

If I can get these two things working, the 360/Twonky combination would be perfect.

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Post by ydgmms » Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:55 pm

So 4.4 works with video/audio on latest 360?

I'm stuck at 4.1, because my trial for the 4.2+ expired. And I can't try out the latest one now that 360 supports xvid/dvix.

I had the duplicate problem also when i had tried out 4.2+. Another reason I went back to 4.1 at the time.

I use a modified Xbox1 with XboxMediaCenter to stream, via SMB, my videos. But now that the 360 works with xvid/divx... I'm thinking of setting that up. however, like i said, I can't test 4.4.

Running a Linux version of twonkymedia 4.1 on a modified xbox1 running Xebian (debian flavor) to stream to my 360. But thinking of purchasing 4.4, if I can find out for sure that video/audio streaming fully works with 360s. How about HD videos?


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