Twonky and a Thecus N500BPro NAS

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Twonky and a Thecus N500BPro NAS

Post by madforitdiver » Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:26 pm

Hi there - newbie post so be gentle!!
Just got the Twonky module installed on the new Thecus. My home cinema amp (a Denon 3808) sees the media server fine. Started to rip some of my CD's to the Thecus, after first deleting some old files that were on it (when I was trying and failing to get the inbuilt mediabolic server to work). The Amp initally didn't see the new files, but only the old ones (which have already been deleted) - obviously it can't read them as they aren't there so selecting them caused the amp to error - no unexpected. After a couple of reboots of the amp and thecus and waiting a little while the folders now all appear empty, thought I have ripped two CD's in both WAV and FLAC formats to it. Using a piece of software called "Exact Audio Copy" to rip the CD's

How does the Twonkyvision module know where to look on the Thecus for media files? Can I configure it to look in a specific place.? And why did it still see files that don't exist? Is this due to a periodic rescan? There doesn't appear to be any way to force a manual rescan of the drives?

I know a little about unix having worked as a sys admin on unix systems many many years ago so would be comfortable looking at the unix area of the thecus - however it's not shown anywhere in the management pages of the Thecus (no /usr/bin directories for example). The twonky module itself appears to have no configuration possible through the thecus admin pages apart from enable / disable, so how can I configure such things as file locations / rescan times/ and force a manual rescan? Finally (for now) does Twonky store a database of songs/tracks somewhere on the Thecus or is it just reading the ID3 tags encoded into the music files? (If the former, where is it stored and how can I access it?). Wouldn't it need this sort of databse for things not encoded directly into the musci files such as user playlists?

Many questions - apologies for this, I'd really like to understand how it all works.

Many thanks for any help you can offer.


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