Twonky and Sony NAS CZ-1 (no album)

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Twonky and Sony NAS CZ-1 (no album)

Post by lcor1979 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:43 am


I'm trying to make Twonky works with my Sony NAS CZ-1. As this device is in the list of supported devices, I suppose it shoud be possible :-)

I installed Twonky 4.4.5 and setup an audio only source pointing a directory with a few MP3 files.

I swicthed my CZ-1 on, it stays a little time to "Configuring" and I see it appears in the client list in Twonky. I changed the type from Generic to Sony NAS CZ-1 and restarted the server.
After a few seconds, my CZ-1 let me choose a media server and Twonky appears inside.

When I select it, my CZ-1 shows "Loading..." then it shows "No Album" ...

I tried to change my share to only one MP3, others MP3, ... without success. It always shows "No Album".

Have someone successfuly plugged a CZ-1 to Twonky ?

I think the CZ-1 only decode LPCM, I heard about a lame based plugin to transcode MP3 to LPCM but I cannot find it anywhere ...



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