cannot connet to Twonky from Qnap 109 II Pro

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cannot connet to Twonky from Qnap 109 II Pro

Post by chrishunter8472 » Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:32 am

Hello Folks

I have picked up a Qnap 109 II pro Nas as I read that it comes with a pre installed version of Twonky.
this it has unfortunately after activating Twonky in the Qnap admin screen and click the given link
that includes my Nas IP IP my.nas.ip/9000 it should then take me to the config page 9 times out of 10
I just get the internet explorer 7 or the Firefox3 Cannot display page message.

after hitting F5 to refresh my page several times, I finally get a config screen or just the navigation bar
at the side, when I try to scan from Media which I have already uploaded I press or click the scan now button
but nothing much happens or the screen just changes and displays the Save and cancel buttons.

I have also tried deleting and Twonkymedia.ini file that is on the Qnap and have reset the Qnap
but nothing much happens.

Do I have a broken version from Twonky? is it possible to copy across a fresh version of Twonky
and overwrite the pre installed version.

Everything else on the Qnap is working but what I really wanted the Qnap for the Media server doesn't :(

any help or advice would be of much help, I have posted on the Qnap forum my problem over a week ago
but as yet had no reply

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