Kathrein UFS 822 as client

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Kathrein UFS 822 as client

Post by Georg » Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:39 pm


I'm trying to convince a Kathrein UFS 822 (UFS822) sat receiver to work with Twonky (about 5500 mp3, some 2500 jpeg). Currently I've version 5.0 beta running on a Linkstation Pro. With other clients every thing works fine.

The sat receiver sees Twonky and I'm able to navigate into the structure. However usually in the "folders" I only find one picture/song, more often they are empty. Further the depth of the folder structure seems to be limited to 3, while a max of 251 entries per folder are shown on the receiver (so I need to create folders). The playlist folder remains empty, the "recently played" list shows a couple of songs.

On http://board.mykathrein.de/ one or two claim that they got it working, however it remains unclear whether this was only with a couple of songs/picts or real life. Most report similar experiences as I have. The Kathrein way is to serve the files by a specific older version of VLC in combination with a Kathrein piece of Windows software. Obviously I want to use the NAS and the last FW-update Kathrein offered is about a year old. :(

At the moment I try different client settings for the UFS - so far with little success. Any ideas for settings / folder structure / Twonky version would be great.


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Re: Kathrein UFS 822 as client

Post by Klaus » Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:33 pm

I have just encountered the same problem. Did you succeed meanwhile?

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