"play here" not pushing contents to Sitecom MD-270

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"play here" not pushing contents to Sitecom MD-270

Post by rgigante » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:24 pm

Good evening,

i'm quite new to the TwonkyMedia but since from the very first tests i'm very intrigued by this piece of software.
Currently i've installed the TwonkyMediaManager pack 2.0.2 which should include TwonkyMediaServer 6.0

Everything seems to work well enough and i think i'm going to buy it.

The only issue i'm currently facing is that i can't push any content (most of all i'm interested for music) to my media player. The media player is a Sitecom MD-270 which is almost 99% similar to the WDTV live (it's automatically recognized as a WDTV and inherits the core chip and most of the other stuff) and which works great with the WMP12 "play to".
Each time i try to push a song to my device through the MediaManager front-end the song is added to the device play list but the playing time never starts running. Is there anything i'm currently missing? Is there any Windows firewall (Win7 x64 Prof) rule i should create or modifiy?

Looking forward your feedback, thanks in advance ;)


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