Twonkymedia server 6.0.32 on Iomega StorCenter ix2

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Twonkymedia server 6.0.32 on Iomega StorCenter ix2

Post by ticsconsulting » Sat May 21, 2011 3:30 pm

Hi all !

I have purchased a new NAS, (Iomega StorCenter ix2) with the TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.6 installed on it that works like a charm, but has several limitations (is and old version).

I want to upgrade to the latest TwonkyMedia server (6.0.32), and, after accesing the unit using SSH and doing some 'magic' (adding more size to the loop image for apps located in /boot/images, extend the fs, mount it in rw mode in another Linux server and modify its contents) I have replaced the contents of /usr/local/twonky directory with the version downloaded from

After restarting the unit, I can access the TwonkyMedia Server web panel in port 9000 of the NAS (it shows correctly the 6.0.32 version and the number of videos and Photos in the NAS shared folders), and the server creates the database files correctly, but the DLNA receiver (a Samsung TV) says that the server has no contents.

Any idea about how to solve this ? I have checked file permissions, reviewed the configuration file, etc. but has no clues about where could be the failure...

Bets regards,

Antonio Navarro Navarro

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