PET Blowing Machine factory

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PET Blowing Machine factory

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Product Introduction
9 cavities Electric Bottle Blow Molding Machine TURBO-9S is the highest capacity model of SOWELL PET moulding machine. The best configuration guarantees stable performance of this machine, including Schneider PLC, touch screen and Servo Systems, SMC valves & cylinders, Schneider breakers, Airtac cylinders. More details, fell free to contact with us.
Product Parameter
Models TURBO-9S
Productivity12,000~13,000 BPH
Mold cavities9
Max. container size750 ml
Neck size18-38 mm
Max Diameter69 mm
Max Height240 mm
Heating zone qty.6
Heating Power75 KW
Total Power110 KW
Air Resource
Low pressure0.8-1.0 Mpa
High pressure2.6-4.0 Mpa
High Pressure Air Consumption8.0 m3/min
Servo System
Preform Feedingyes
Preform Steppingyes
Dimension & Weight
Main machine Size5800 * 2100 * 2400 mm
Weight7500 KGS
Warranty2 years
Plastic ProcessedPET
Blow Moulding TypeStretch Blow Moulding
Product Feature
Servo motors full coverage, Full Electric.
1.All servo motors driven. Cycle time is reduced from 4sec to 2 sec, double production.
2.Preform Feeding System: high speed and precisely positioning.
3.Preform Transfer System: double the speed of preform moving, overall simplified motion.
4.Mold Clamping System: Reaction time is reduced to 50%, simple structure, long use-life.
5.Stretch System: Servo Motor precisely control, flexiable adjustment, improve bottle quality.
Q38. What if I receive products I am not satisfied with?
A: We aren't happy unless you are!. If something is not up to your standards - please let us know! We will do everything in our power to make it right.
Q39. How often do your prices change?
A: Our prices are generally stable. We do custom machine model to meet your special requirement. Welcome to contact us for detail information.
Industry Tips (Trouble shooting during PET Blow Molding and Solution)
Starting as a ring or rings radiating from where the stretch rod locates at the base. Eventually, as the heat is increased, a fold of material the diameter of the stretch rod occurs close to the base insert.
Explosions occur at the fold/crater when pressurised.
1.Over heating of the preform base, material then wraps around the end of the stretch rod.
2.Pre-blow pressure too low or pre-blow cam too late.
3.If individual station, pre-blow flow may be too restricted.
4.Stretch rod may be too small.
1.Reduce heat at or below the base.
2.Increase pre-blow pressure and/or move pre-blow earlier.
3.If individual station, open flow restrictor.
4.Use larger stretch rod. PET Blowing Machine factory

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