Possible bug, re duplicate Album titles.

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Possible bug, re duplicate Album titles.

Post by stricko » Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:32 am

Anyone seen this before?

Running Soundbridges (release 2.7.78 ) with Twonky 4.4 (under Windows XP).

All of my MP3 are organised in folders by artist, and then album, and all are fully tagged, including Artist and Album Artist. I have two albums called "Love", one by Aztec Camera, and the other by The Beatles. I noticed that when browsing by Artist, Love appeared as an entry under Aztec Camera, but not under The Beatles. When browsing by Album, only one entry for Love was present, but contained tracks from both albums. Fortunately, the tracks from the Aztec Camera album were easilly identifiable as the track names were pre-fixed by the track number, even though this information is not in the Track tag!

To explore this further, I changed the Album tags on the Aztec camera album to "Love X" and also changed the folder name. I rescanned the directories.

Now the Love album appeared under The Beatles, but had no tracks. Meanwhile, back at Aztec Camera, the track titles are still prefixed by teh track numbers.

Is mu database corrupt? Is this a known bug? Twonky or Roku? Any ideas?

XP Pro, 2 x Roku M1001

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