Doppelganger on Soundbridge

Paul Court
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Doppelganger on Soundbridge

Post by Paul Court » Wed Jan 16, 2008 5:35 am

I'm running a LaCie Ethernet Big Disk NAS, which has the Twonky 4.3 server embedded - and locked down tight. My music collection is in WAV files.

The Soundbridge M1000 can find and play internet radio, the files on my NAS, and any computers I have running on the network. When I select the option to Change Library, I'm offered Internet Radio, any PCs I have running - and two iterations of my NAS, both called 'Ethernet_BD'.

When selecting the first 'Ethernet_BD' I can use the Search functions, but otherwise I can only browse Songs. It offers Albums, Genres and Artists, but since WAV files don't carry tags (so I am told) none are found. It also fails to detect any playlists.

The second version of 'Ethernet_BD' is much more exciting: it finds my playlists, and lets me browse Folders (and subfolders), and Song Queue. But, when I navigate through the playlist, folders or even All Tracks to individual tracks, there is an 'x' in front of each one, and I can play absolutely nothing when I select this version.

Has anyone run into such a doppelganger from a single disk? Why do I have two sets of menus: one with limited but reliable functionality, and its evil twin that promises much more, but delivers much less?

From my reading here, I am guessing, that one is the Soundbridge menu, and the other is the Twonky menu - which is which?

I presume that this comes from the Twonky server imbedded in the LaCie, but the Twonky configuration page is locked up so I can not change any of its settings. At this point, if anyone has found a way to hack past this roadblock, I would gladly consider doing so.

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