Search on ShowCenter 250HD only with numbers

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Search on ShowCenter 250HD only with numbers

Post by JeroenBuren » Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:14 pm

I am running twonkymedia on a Buffalo TeraStation and used a Philips MX6000i as a client. With this client I was able to search through my music collection (sms style). I recently bought a Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD to stream video as the Philips was not able to do that smoothly.

Video streaming is not the problem but I cannot use any search feature anymore. When I use the remote I only see a digit (i.e. 4) and then I go to the fourth item in the list. But when I want to search for a specific artist in a list of 1000 artists browsing that list per 9 items is not very usable. So I really want to be able to use letter-based search (a,b,c etc.)

Is that possible? I tried several client settings on the Twonky Mediaserver but nothing changed... :(

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