Soundbridge and M4A files - Twonky Server 6.0.32

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Soundbridge and M4A files - Twonky Server 6.0.32

Post by tjpm1qtdtu » Tue Jun 14, 2011 7:37 pm

I recently installed Twonky Server 6.0.32 on a Linux machine(Ubuntu Server 11.04) and have been generally happy with it, but have come across one obstacle. My Roku Soundbridge will not play any M4A files. MP3 files play fine and any M4A files I have are DRM-free. I have tinkered with Firefly, and the Roku will play M4A files from that server. I've been searching for anything to help get M4A files playing on my Roku from Twonky and hope someone here can help.

I know I can stick wth Firefly, but I wanted a single media server to handle video and audio. The video portion of Twonky has so far worked well streaming to my XBOX.


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