What media players is the Noxon2 compatible with?

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What media players is the Noxon2 compatible with?

Post by bodger99 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:52 am

I just bought a Noxon2 on eBay. I discovered that although the Noxon was new, it must have been old stock because it came with Twonky Music v3.0! Although I've managed to set things up using v3, it has its limitations in sorting etc. which I've read all about in this forum. I've got 3 questions if someone would be kind enough to help me:

1. I thought I'd have a look at alternatives if there are any before I invest in the latest version of Twonky. I've a natural aversion to paying good money where I can avoid it. - 'MyCasting' from Orb is free - is it any good and does anyone know if it works with a Noxon, (I tried to find out from Terratec but they're b****y useless!).

2. If I ought to use Twonky, should I get Twonky Music4.2 or Twonky Media 4.4.4 - all I've got is a big music collection - about 2500 tracks - and no video or other media.

3. I'm using iTunes as my player although I've got most of the others on my PC - is this OK for use with the Noxon2

Thanks very much.

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Re: What media players is the Noxon2 compatible with?

Post by mgillespie » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:24 am

I would get the full 4.4.4, as there is a one-shot upgrade code on the front of the Noxon CD. You might think you don't want or need the capability of streaming video, but it only takes a purchase of something like a Sony PS3, that does video nicely, and you might regret getting a music-only server.
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