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New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:21 am
by mgillespie

Big jump in numbers, huge changelog! ... date/Beta/ ... ates/Beta/

NOTE: If you are going from the last stable version (6392), then you have to update the bootloader first, THEN the main firmware. It does tell you this in the readme file, but only in German :-)

Obviously, this is BETA firmware, and only for the brave, use at your own risk.

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:22 am
by mgillespie
VERY impressed with the new firmware so far, it's fixed many annoying issues with the Noxon2, including the Clock stopping in Standby, and the first second or so of streamed audio being truncated, there are also some new features, like onboard play history, equaliser presets, a much more comprehensive web interface, and in general better stability.

I updated both my Noxon2 units this evening, and so far very pleased. Seeing as the catalyst for the new firmare, is their new product, the iRadio Cube, and the firmware appears to be shared between the iRadio, the Noxon2, and the iRadio Cube, it seems like there may be future updates to following :-)

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:11 pm
by mgillespie
Beta firmware updated to 6900.... ...

Changes from last beta:

Version: FW_3.8.x.6900
+ BugFix: Remotes from other devices are controlling the NOXON

Version: FW_3.8.x.6899
+ BugFix: some OGG streams crash the device
+ BugFix: ''Bluescreen'', approx. 10 minutes after device powered off
+ BugFix: UI lock with not accessible firmware update
+ BugFix: Distortion when rebooting the device

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:21 pm
by Joe_Chip
I've tried the beta upgrade for the iRadio, but although it appears to install, the firmware remains

I'm using the latest loader. The result is the same via winXP and Vista.

Any ideas?

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:22 pm
by mgillespie
And the betas continue...

The latest beta fixed my one remaining issue (with the clock in Standby)...

Top Tip: If you already have one of the recent betas, you can load the firmware via the web interface, and it seems to retain your settings (it did on my units I upgraded from 6900 to 6905). ... ates/Beta/

Version: FW_3.8.x.6905
+ BugFix: Fixed duration of a song in pls playlists was readen incorrect (conversion from seconds to milliseconds was missing)
+ BugFix: Fixed track title was overriden by playlist title in first line in playview

Version: FW_3.8.x.6904
+ BugFix: Fixed some issues with playlists
+ BugFix: Fixed display is not dimmed when standby clock is activated and the NOXON is powered off

Version: FW_3.8.x.6903
+ BugFix: Fixed display brightness is set to low when no interaction is done for a long time and LCD brightness is setup to high

Version: FW_3.8.x.6902
+ BugFix: Applied patch to solve problems with Speedport W 701V
+ BugFix: Fixed current play position is not reseted to 00:00 in playview when playing next/previous song or station
+ BugFix: Fixed distortion between songs with different samplerates
+ BugFix: Fixed missing title/track information when switching between playviews
+ BugFix: Fixed wrong number of arguments for I2C FM settings

Version: FW_3.8.x.6901
+ BugFix: Fixed pressing volume down in mute (volume at 0%) unmutes and mutes the NOXON
+ BugFix: Fixed file information scroll curious
+ BugFix: Fixed buffer display shows empty buffer
+ Feature: Added bitrate/channels to playview
+ BugFix: Fixed inconsistent navigation through favourite menu

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Sat May 16, 2009 12:48 pm
by mgillespie
A new beta posted for most Noxon devices on the FTP.


Version: FW_3.8.x.6921
+ Feature Improved NTP update
+ Bugfix Fixed crash when navigating into favourites
Should fix crash when deleting presets too
+ Bugfix Fixed large playview does not update the album
+ Bugfix Disabled Speedport workaround because of buffering problems

Version: FW_3.8.x.6920
+ Bugfix Added patch to workaround AVM Speedport bug with wrong windowsize
+ Feature Station scan checks and stores RDS names in Presets
+ Bugfix Fixed WLAN statistics not updated in playview
+ Bugfix Fixed WPA keylength in webinterface is set to max 26 chars
+ Bugfix Fixed rbb-online does not play when added as mms.

Version: FW_3.8.x.6919
+ Bugfix Fixed always the last stored alarm favourite is played when editing the alarm
+ Bugfix Fixed favourites becomes inconsistent when playing back a podcast from the favourites
+ Bugfix Fixed favourites becomes inconsistent or crashes when less than 5 entries are present.
+ Bugfix Fixed pressing snooze button during alarm playes last played item even if NOXON was turned off
+ Change Increased timeout from 1000ms to 2500ms when editing alarmtime using SMS keys on the remote

Version: FW_3.8.x.6918
+ Bugfix Fixed left button returns to previous state after alarm wizard was executed, which leads to an inconsistent state. Left press when finished will now go to the main alarm menu
+ Bugfix Fixed RTC was not programmed when alarm time has been changed and the wizard was not completed. Now it is needed to complete the wizard, otherwise the new settings will be discarded. (An "do you really want to cancel?" message might be needed to show the user that he is cancelling the wizard)
+ Bugfix When going through alarm wizard, the last programmed or selected setting will be shown as default instead of always the first entry
+ Bugfix Fixed alarm was deactivated when alarm wizard was interrupted (canceled) by pressing home or some other key
+ Bugfix Fixed alarm not working under some conditions when alarm1 and alarm2 was programmed
+ Bugfix Fixed alarm in home menu shows wrong "( :)" entry
+ Bugfix Fixed next alarm in home menu was set to the next day instead of the next alarm day
+ Bugfix Duplicate Requests when downloading audio files
+ Bugfix Timeout in FM station scan in case that no frequency is found
+ Feature Store and display correct FM station RDS names
+ Bugfix FM station scan did not start when tuner was already tuned to the 1st station that would be found
+ Feature Added "upnp:originalTrackNumber" to UPnP sortcriteria to sort tracks first by tracknumber instead of title. Fixes wrong sortorder with Twonky Media Manager
+ Bugfix Added workaround for wrong ID3 tags
+ Feature Playview will now be shown when playing back items via an UPnP controlpoint
+ Bugfix Fixed "Favourites" caption in favourites menu not translated

Version: FW_3.8.x.6915
+ Bugfix Fixed FM search does not work

Version: FW_3.8.x.6911
+ change Changed Stereo/Mono mode in UI to current time

Version: FW_3.8.x.6910
+ change Changed RDS/Clock bits for tuner for iRadio2/Cube

Version: FW_3.8.x.6909
+ Bugfix Added check to clean corrupt favourites
+ Bugfix Fixed adding favourites carshes the NOXON 90elf because of protected presets
+ Bugfix Fixed clock running out of sync for devices without Real Time Clock
+ Bugfix Fixed startup commercial is played everytime the NOXON connects to the network

Version: FW_3.8.x.6908
+ Bugfix Fixed startup URL is missing some parts of a stream

Version: FW_3.8.x.6907
+ Bugfix Fixed 1-2 seconds are missing for a stream
+ Bugfix Added workaround for Musicload to enable "Skipbackward"

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:17 am
by mgillespie
New Noxon firmware out (been a long while since the last release). It's now on 3.8.x.6923. Working very well for me, not too much changed for Noxon2, but there seems to be alot of fixes for FMRadio on units with tuners.

Version: FW_3.8.x.6923
+ Bugfix FM: Do not display strange frequencies after FM search when no station is found
+ Bugfix RTC: Update NTP and sync to RTC every time the network is connecting.
+ Bugfix Ignore invalid lines in pls playlists (needed for IMDA certification)
+ Bugfix replace all white space in URLs by "%20" (needed for IMDA certification)

Version: FW_3.8.x.6922
+ Bugfix FM: Problem with FM Stations stored on shortkeys
+ Bugfix FM: Problem with FM Stations stored in Favourites
+ Bugfix FM: Allow saving to/selecting from shortkeys in FM clock view
+ Bugfix FM: Play current FM station, not the first one in list when pressing 'play'!
+ Feature FM: Show FM Tuner type (TEA5764HN or SI4705) together with hardware version in Device Status menu
+ Change FM: Set number of FM presets to 50, as this is prepared in cne

Re: New Beta firmware for Noxon2, iRadio and others. 6898

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:59 pm
by teleplus
Hi there..

Is there anybody that can explain me how to configure wireless settings with new firmware?
Starting configuration manager setup on newly upgraded Noxon 2 is not giving any possibility for wirelles settings - only Ethernet.
Changing settings in profile manager via web interface is not giving any success - what to do?

Kind regards from DK...