Bootloader upgrade.

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Bootloader upgrade.

Post by JPM39 » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:06 am

Good morning everybody,
I changed the FW (6392) on my Noxon 2 one year ago and found a lot of improvements with it even if some bugs are still a little bit annoying.
I read on this forum that a new beta FW (6900) was available but it was necessary upgrade the bootloader before changing FW. I downloaded all
the necessary tools but was enable to find the explanations to upgrade the bootloader. I didn't find anything on this forum neither in the
documentations. It's probably obvious but, as I enjoy my Noxon (even with the small bugs), I would like to avoid a crash while changing the FW.
Can somebody give me these explanations or a link where I can find them ?
Thanks by advance.

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Re: Bootloader upgrade.

Post by mgillespie » Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:31 am

It's not documented in English, as the documentation is currently in German language only.

However, In short:
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file (make sure the path names are retained)
  • Install the firmware updating tool (in the NOXON_2\NOXON_Firmware_Manager directory)
  • Run the upgrade tool.
  • After the Noxon is detected (it only finds mine on wired LAN, not wireless), flash it with the 2008-01-23_noxon2_terratec_firmware_FW6834_HWID158.bcd (found in the Bootloader directory)
  • Once everything has completed, redetect your Noxon2, and then upgrade it with the 2008-12-05_NOXON2_TerraTec_firmware_FW6900_HWID158.bcd (found in the fireware directory)
That's it. You will lose all your settings, favorites and such. There is a Favorites commander tool, which you might want to use to back up the favorites before you start, and then send them back after the upgrade.

Clearly this is BETA firmware, and if things go wrong, you are on your own, however I have upgraded 2x Noxon2 units twice so far, without any problems... (There is a anxious pause during he upgrade procedure, where the Noxon has a blank screen for about 30 seconds or so, this is normal, just leave it. Also I have seen it display http:\\ during the upgrade, no idea what this is for!!!! Again, seems to be normal.)

I have been REALLY impressed with the new firmware, it's a very large step forward for me. It's also got a few nice features thrown in, like local history of files/streams played, graphic equaliser settings, and massives amounts of bug fixes.
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Re: Bootloader upgrade.

Post by JPM39 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 8:42 pm

Hi mgillespie,¶

Your detailed explanations confirmed what I had tried to do. My problem was only because of my mistake :? : I had downloaded the package for Noxon i radio and so the FWmanager sent an error message when I opened the bootloader file. Now, I have downloaded the correct package and the upgrade ran fine. Just a remark: I had to upgrade wireless because de FW manager was unable to detect my Noxon connected (?)
Thanks for your quick and effective help. :D :D :D

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