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AV Hardware:TwonkyMedia AV UPnP Mediaserver (Marvell Kirkwood ARM Sheevaplug with Debian Squeeze).
2x Noxon V2 audio client
1x PS3 Slim 500GB Audio/Video UPnP client.
1x Sony VGF-CP1 Wireless Photoframe.
Latest Builds

Post by mgillespie » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:25 pm

Current Releases (Fully Supported)
- TwonkyServer v7.0.12
- TwonkyServer v6.0.39
- TwonkyManager v3.0.4

All of the above downloads (except TS 6.0.39) can be found here:

TwonkyServer 6.0.39 can be found here:
TwonkyServer 7.0.9 for non-NAS Linux users can be found here:

Our mobile apps aren't listed here. Check the Google Play or the App Store for the newest version of our mobile apps.

NAS Versions (Limited Support)
These versions are only for technical users. The NAS builds may require additional steps to configure or install. Support for these versions is primarily by the community (other Twonky users on this forum).

- TwonkyServer NAS 7.0.9
- TwonkyServer NAS 6.0.39

Legacy Builds (Unsupported)
As a service to our customers, we have older versions of Twonky software available for download or purchase. Please be aware of the following:

1. All support for the legacy builds below is provided by the community (other Twonky users on this forum). Please do not e-mail us with questions about these older versions. For support of 3rd party products using these versions please contact the device manufacturer.
2. We are no longer fixing bugs reported by consumers using these older releases.
3. Your 5.x license key will work with our latest version, TwonkyServer 6.x or TwonkyServer 7.x which are both supported.
4. You can purchase a license key for the following legacy versions from

- TwonkyMedia Server NAS (Legacy) 5.1.6
- TwonkyMedia Server NAS (Legacy) 5.0.68
- TwonkyMedia Server NAS (Legacy) 4.4.18
- TwonkyMedia Manager (Legacy) ... andard.exe

Looking for TwonkyServer 6.0 for WHS? Click here: ... 233#p30547