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Can't view DIVX AVI or MP4 files on XBOX360 after upgrade

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:41 pm
by kgs2018
Hi All,

After upgrading from Twonky 7.1.2 Special to ver 8.5.1 i am no longer able to stream files that have the Divx codec (version 4 or 5 etc) and have them playable any longer.. This is confusing to me as when i had 7.1.2 i was always able to play these files with no issue.

Does anyone have a workarond or is there a specific thing i have to add to the Twonky server 8.5.1 in order to have the server transcode these files properly again? I did notice that MP4/AVC files work properly..

And yes the XBOX 360 can play DIVX files.. i have done so for many years.


Re: Can't view DIVX AVI or MP4 files on XBOX360 after upgrade

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:47 pm
by kgs2018
So after looking at this further.. in the log it appears to show the following for each AVI file during the Video scan...

Filename.avi - file is invalid or not avi file

So how is it that the older version of Twonky Server and the XBOX360 were able to play XVID/DIVX AVI files.. now it seems they can't and are failing the scan when they do find it.

All of the thumbnails (or most of them) are showing up with ffmpeg put into the cgi-bin directory and since these video files worked before with this system.. how is it that now these files are not able to be played?

The only change i've seen is a recent XBOX360 change and the Twonky server upgrade.

Coincidentally i can play MP4 files with AVC compression no problem but converting my entire video library would take forever.

Does anyone have suggestions about re-adding in the divx and xvid AVI file compatibility back in for XBOX? The Optional Addon pack from microsoft allowed us to play divx and xvid content since 2008/2011..