XBOX 360 not playing XVID or DIVX with AVI container videos

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XBOX 360 not playing XVID or DIVX with AVI container videos

Post by kgs2018 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:27 am

Hi All,

Having a problem playing AVI files that are using either DIVX or XVID as their codec and MP3 as the audio codec on XBOX 360.

I use to be able to play these files on the older version of Twonky 7.2.1 but upgraded to 8.5.1 recently. These files are 4:3 aspect as well.

MP4's native with the newer codecs appear to play properly however.

I was curious as to whats changed in either the realtime transcoding with ffmpeg or the Twonky profiles where i can't even read those files now. The XBOX gives me an error when trying to play them?

The XBOX is fully capable of playing them.. i can play them when i enabled the windows media server or on the older version of Twonky..

Is there anyway of updating Twonky's config to allow different container video files with different codecs (that are supported on xbox 360) ?

Specifically it looks like AVI file containers with a DIVX or XVID codec inside and MP3 Audio seem to be an issue where none were there before.


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