How to get certain tracks to show up?

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How to get certain tracks to show up?

Post by ydgmms » Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:05 am

My music is stored in this fashion:
:\Album Artist\Year - Album\Track# - Title.filetype

So for albums that are compilations, I have the tags as
Album Artist = Various
Artist = actual artist

So my compilation albums get stored in the Various folder.

Take this situation for example:
I have 1 Beatles album (Sgt. Peppers...), I also have a Top X Songs which includes a number of Beatles tracks.

So for Sgt Peppers, its tags are:
Album Artist:Beatles, the
Artist: Beatles, The
Album: Sgt Peppers...

for the Top X Songs, its tags are(for the Beatles songs):
Album Artist: Various
Artist: Beatles, The
Album: Top X Songs...

duplicate this scheme for the rest of my collection.

Now when I go to my 360, and select
Only Sgt Peppers shows up.

If I go to Artist->Various->Top X Songs->
No songs come up whatsoever. This happens with every album under Various.

if I go to Album->Top X Songs->all the songs are listed and can be played. Same with other Various albums.

Now, my question is... can i get the Xbox and/or Twonky to put all the Beatles tracks under Beatles, the?

So When I go
It will show, Sgt Peppers and Top X Songs.

I have a ~15000 song collection. I used the Advanced Navigation scheme a while back, and it took forever to load my songs on the 360. I, somehow, managed to trigger Simple Navigation and the 360 picked up everything fast. Does this have something to do with it?


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