Can I play WAV files on the XBox using Twonky?

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Can I play WAV files on the XBox using Twonky?

Post by SumnerBoy » Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:58 pm

Hi, should the XBox360 play WAV files? I am sure I read in the docs somewhere that the XBox360 supports WAV but I have a WAV in my music library that comes up with the dreaded red cross when trying to play thru the Media blade in my XBox 360 (via Twonky). Twonky is serving the WAV ok as I am able to play the track thru Windows Media Player 11 (again via Twonky).

Anyone got any info on this? My XBox is connected to XBox Live so it should have all the latest updates etc.

I am trying to configure Twonky to allow me to play FLAC files on my XBox - and have installed the FLAC --> WAV plugin, and updated my clients.db file accordingly. After a lot of messing around thinking the plugin was not working I then discovered the XBox couldn't play WAV files either.

In saying that, I am not able to play my FLAC files through WMP11 via Twonky - which suggests the plugin isn't working anyway.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can I play WAV files on the XBox using Twonky?

Post by murrayfleming » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:33 pm

I've had a go at flac to mp3 transcoding, to get round the problem of the XBox not being able to play wav files. I've got the plugin to be called by Twonky, and mp3 files are created in the cache directory. However they aren't sent to the client unless I give the transcoded files a .wav extension, instead of mp3. There doesn't seem to be any way of changing this in the desc file for the plugin, or in clients.db. Twonky then streams the mp3 file as if it was a wav, and all that can be heard on the client is noise. Anybody any ideas?

The other audio format that Twonky appears capable of transcoding to, as well as wav is LPCM. I'm wondering if the XBox can support this format?
I don't have an XBox to test his with, but it seems quite easy to create a LPCM file from a MP3 using LAME.

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lame --decode -t -x song.mp3 song.lpcm
Anyone up to give this a try, and see if the Xbox can play a LPCM file?

If this works I'll have a look at a flac to lpcm plugin.

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