NAS Noob, Twonky Noob.. Xbox 360 advice?

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NAS Noob, Twonky Noob.. Xbox 360 advice?

Post by bruce.maclachlan » Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:16 pm


I know more than my fair share about computers but I'm pretty lacking in terms of networking. I have ordered for my dad a Tehcus NAS N-299 enclosure and two samsung spinpoints to create a 1TB media drive to stream to a Netgear EVA-8000. Streaming straight to the netgear should be fine as both the NAS box and streamer say they are UPnP AV compliant devices and have found reviews that say it works.

I have been reading up and am finding out that I wont be able to pluck files off the drive on my xbox 360 but i was linked to Twonky Vision and have come to try and find answers but I'm a wee bit confused.

Is it possible to stream media from a NAS drive to the 360? Is TwonkyVision the answer?

My NAS box should be arriving on tuesday.. I'm trying to get ahead of the game before it arrives.

Thanks in advance

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