[Resolved] FAQ - MP3 Tag Format (Version)

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[Resolved] FAQ - MP3 Tag Format (Version)

Post by HornedBeast » Tue Apr 22, 2008 1:57 pm

For a while I could not find out which version of MP3 tags TwonkyMedia read correctly. I had a vast collection of MP3s all tagged with ID3V2.4, all correctly tagged and placed. However, Twonky couldn't read about 20% of these tags for reasons unknown. However, an easy fix for this problem is just encode your MP3s with ID tags version ID3V2.3. Twonky seems to read these fine.

In short - MP3s need to be tagged with:


For Linux users, download EasyTag, and go to "Preferences" and set the tags to ID3V2.3. Then just click save and it'll reformat all your tags to the correct version!

To install EasyTag for Ubuntu or Debian users, in a command line, simply type:

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sudo apt-get install easytag
This should install everything you need.

Hope this helps someone - I spent weeks trying to figure out why only some of my MP3s work!

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