HP EX485 + Twonky + Xbox 360 = Underwhelming

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HP EX485 + Twonky + Xbox 360 = Underwhelming

Post by jasondunn » Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:40 pm

I blame myself - when I was given a demo of Twonky MediaServer at CES in January, the message I walked away with was "it will take basically any media file format and give it to the Xbox 360 in the right format". I thought that it would magically fill the gaps in what the Xbox 360 couldn't play, which has been a constant source of frustration for me. I didn't do a lot spec-sheet peeping on the Twonky software before purchasing my HP EX485 Windows Home Server - I just though it would do what I needed.

So this morning I was surprised and very disappointed to see the same old frustrating Xbox 360 errors complaining about the wrong file format - if it can even *see* the files that is. Three of my h.264 files don't show up at all. The Divx AVI file plays, but I'm pretty sure it did before. Worse yet, when I browse my photos via the Twonky software, nearly all of them show up as "X's" on the screen. They're just JPEGs...Twonky can't handle those? :shock:

So the question is, what exactly does the Twonky software add to this scenario? What good is it? :?

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Re: HP EX485 + Twonky + Xbox 360 = Underwhelming

Post by SnailUK » Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:42 am

I've got a Linksys NSLU2, and a 360. I've been playing with various server builds, and am currently undecided whether to buy this.

I can get free applications for the NSLU2, that give me access to music/video/pictures from the 360. Twonky is the most recommended product i can find for streaming to a 360 from a NAS. The only advantage i can find is twonky offering internet radio streaming.

Its a bit pants really, that version 5.x.x doesn't seem to support internet radio, and is unstable for the couple of builds i've tried.

Version 4.4.14 seems fairly stable for Music, Video, and Pictures, but i quite often get problems with streaming internet radio. Im not even sure i can buy a key for this version :(

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