TMS 5.1.3 truncating dir / TMS 5.1 crashing [LINUX]

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TMS 5.1.3 truncating dir / TMS 5.1 crashing [LINUX]

Post by Gesus » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:59 am


I am streaming music from my Thecus N5200 NAS server to my XBOX 360 using TMS 5.1.3 but it is truncating the list about 1/3 into the listing.

I reverted back to TMS 5.1, but now Twonky crashes completely when it tries to bring up the music directory.

I believe this is because I have added a number of FLAC albums recently which may have tags that are causing problems for either XBOX 360 or TMS. I think this is the case because TMS 5.1 was working perfectly fine, but I upgraded to 5.1.3 at the same time I added a few hundred new FLAC albums.

Since I can't play FLAC through the XBOX 360 anyway, is there anyway I can make Twonky ignore FLAC files? Or, is there a fix for this problem?


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