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Odd letterbox display issue

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:30 pm
by bennid
I have a 360 slim that I'm trying to get working with the Twonky media server (running on Fedora 12 64bit, and an openfiler as the backing NAS). Streaming to the PS3 with letterbox movies (I've tested with Bugs Life and Polar Express) looks fine with the PS3. However, while testing with the 360, the 360 seems to zoom in a bit too much (cuts off around 3-4% of everything). I only see a small black bar on the bottom, where I should see the letterbox frame on both the top and the bottom. My 360 settings are correct (and have been for a while) at 1080i widescreen, and the tv is correct, as the ps3 and 360 go through a component video switch, and (as mentioned) the ps3 looks correct. I'm using the 30 day trial of Twonky Server version 6.0.32 for my testing. Has anyone seen anything like this / have any ideas as to why the 360 appears to be clipping the video?

Thanks ahead of time