World of Warcraft is a game that requires a subscription

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World of Warcraft is a game that requires a subscription

Post by gameboostingvi » Sat May 18, 2019 2:52 am

Starting to play World of Warcraft, a title that appeared almost 13 years ago, is not an easy task. There are players that have more than a decade of advantage, in the market there are up to 6 more expansions, and the program has evolved in such a way that a newbie does not see how to make room between bands and dungeons. If you add to that a terminology that is not easy to digest, a huge amount of races, objects or professions, you could say that Blizzard has a huge problem to open the game to new users.

Of course, World of Warcraft is a game that requires a subscription, and while you can play for free at the beginning, it is advisable to keep moving forward so as not to destroy the initial advances. So check out WoW Boost. World of Warcraft is composed of three worlds: Draenor, Outland and Azeroth, last being the main stage, although the rest have been gaining more importance in successive expansions. Each world is divided into several continents, and each of them in provinces. The zones depend on the level of the character, and although at a certain moment you can go to any of them from the continent, it is advisable to go naturally to avoid falling into combat.

At the beginning of the game we will have a great dilemma, Alliance or Horde, the rivalry of all life. Choosing one or the other is more a question of aesthetics, so simply choose by convictions. With the election of race you are already positioning with one or another faction. Each race has a modifier that alters the initial statistics. The genre of the character does not affect the abilities. For the choice of class you must take into account your style of play or how you wish to have fun. Perhaps for users who are initiated, it is better to WoW Boost Buy, although if you want to be popular and have many friends you can choose the cleric or the shaman, since there are fewer units on the world.

In the vast world of the game you can move mainly on foot, although it becomes somewhat tedious when you have already passed the first levels of the character. The good thing is that from level 20 you can buy your first mount, while for level 40 you will have your flying mount. In any case at the beginning it is recommended that you rent a network of flying mounts in specific points of the map, that you will see them marked with an icon with a boot with wings. It will also be possible to change the continent in some teleport portals. Quiet that moving will not be a problem.

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