new share not visible ?

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new share not visible ?

Post by kvdv » Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:50 pm


I have an Infrant ReadyNAS nv+ running RAIDiatorâ„¢ v3.01c1-p6 [1.00a034] and a licensed TwonkyMedia Version for ReadyNAS.
I have a share on the ReadyNAS called "Public" containing a 'Music', 'Video' and 'Pictures' folder.
The Playstation3 is running the lastest firmware (with divx support).
I can stream music, jpg's and all kinds of video formats to my PS3. I"m a very happy customer.

I have just created an additional share "Movies2" (this is the fourth share) in TwonkyMedia, pointing to a new folder on the NAS containg movies, but it's not visible when browsing the NAS on the PS3. The share is enabled (checked).

So i tried rescanning the directories, restarting the TwonkyMedia service, restarting the NAS and even rebuilding the Twonky database, but nothing helped.

Can anyone please help me out?


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