PS3 / iMAC - can't play music or video

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PS3 / iMAC - can't play music or video

Post by vm1234 » Sat May 31, 2008 4:58 am


I downloaded and installed the trial version of the Media Server on an iMac (intel). I've the latest PS3 firmware. My PS3 is able to find the Mediaserver and also playback Jpeg files.

However, though I'm able to see the video and music files (under different folders), I'm unable to play any music and video files. Most of the music is under iTunes, while some of the video files are playable through VLC and some through Windows Media Player. The video files show up as AVC in the PS3.

Specifically, when I click on the video or audio file, after about 2 min I get an error - and that error is an 807.... error. When I look up this error on the web, it appears to be something to do with opening up ports? I'm not sure if this is really the issue especially since I can view my JPEG files.

Any thoughts?


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