Support for PS3-generated 3GP audio files?

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Support for PS3-generated 3GP audio files?

Post by voxtreet » Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:58 pm

Hi all,

Here's my current situation. I have a PS3 acting as a DLNA client, playing content streamed from a QNAP TS-109 II NAS which is running TwonkyVision Server v4.4.4. Everything is working fine for video, I can put video files onto the NAS, let TwonkyVision do it's thing, and then my PS3 can connect to the TwonkyVision server and play those video files on my TV. Great!

Now I want to do Music. The wrinkle here is (and I haven't found many other threads about this topic on the web) that I want to use my PS3 to rip my CD's, transfer them to my NAS, and then play them back on the PS3 through TwonkyVision /DLNA.

The problem I am having is that if I want to import my CD's in AAC format, the PS3 will save them into 3GP files (.3gp file extension). I understand enough about codecs and file formats, and know that even though the audio codec is the same (AAC), the .3gp file format is different from the more commonly used .m4a or .mp4 file formats used by iTunes and other apps. The PS3 will play these .3gp music files just fine locally.

Now I copy these .3gp audio files onto my NAS, add them to the Twonky watch folders, and wait for a re-scan. Looking at the TwonkyVision website, 3GP is clearly listed as a supported audio format. I go back to my PS3, and find the TwonkyVision server. I navigate to the Music folders, find the folder where I put the music files, but all the 3gp files just show up as "unsupported media file" (or something to that effect, I forget the exact wording). The PS3 can't play them.

So, the question is, has anyone had success loading .3gp Audio files onto a TwonkyVision server, and been able to play them back from a DLNA client?

Thanks for the help! And for the great software! It has changed my living room!


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