.MOV files? iTunes DRM?

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.MOV files? iTunes DRM?

Post by NailzAZ » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:17 am

Hi Everyone!

My first post and I'm watching my two kids, so sorry if this has been addressed :(

I just downloaded Twonky and it set-up fast, very nice! My PS3 sees it and some of the media.

However, Twonky or my PS3 doesn't see or show my home movies. Most were taken with my digital camera and they save in .MOV format (sorry, I dont' know much about this stuff).
Does Twonky work with .MOV? If not, does that mean I would have to convert all of my movies to .MPG or something?

Secondly, it doesn't seem to see all of my music. Much of it was purchased via iTunes. Does the DRM/protection and/or format prevent Twonky/PS3 from playing them?

Thanks again and any help/advice with Twonky and the PS3 would be appreciated.

Chandler, AZ

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